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Dedication to ethical sourcing and traceability, combined with our passion for wholesome and flavorful foods, make us the premium source for your private label goods.


R&D Investment

in transparency & traceability since 2019



of farmers across the Mediterranean Area



from small to medium and large in the Mediterranean Area


Olive Mills

(selected sources) across the Mediterranean Area



of tomatoes grown in organic certified Italian family farms



of Italy for sourcing tomatoes

Cooperative owned

Producers own the company and know every step and can also talk directly with the retail chains and buyers, because we have sales and logistic offices in the destination markets.

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Innovative technology

Plus internal and external testing labs for quality

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Flexible packaging options

Glass, PET, PLA, Bag in Box, Totes, Flexi Tanks

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International warehousing capabilities

We produce, bottle and ship from 10 different production plants and can deliver in 4-8 weeks anywhere in the globe.

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Personalized service

We can develop programs based on the market needs in terms of format, origin, market positioning, flavor profile and can source original and premium bulk and wholesale PDO / PGI products.

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Our planet’s living heritage should be protected and we take active steps to do so such as:

Alternative packaging plastics

Factories have zero-waste policies with internal recycling and reuse programs

Facilities use energy supplied by photovoltaic panels

We believe food should be sustainably grown, with a focus on protecting the land and its unique qualities. We act as good stewards, preserving the connection to the land and the origin of our goods – and passing beneficial knowledge and practices on to future generations. We do this in every step of the supply chain, from the farming methods used by our farmers, to transport, to the milling/processing and bottling facilities and materials used.

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There are numerous benefits of traceability, some that we think are most important are:

Operational and supply chain efficiency

Food waste reduction

Support of rural economies and biodiversity

We firmly believe you should know where your food comes from. That’s why we proactively invest in certifications and advanced tech which helps us increase transparency and fight food fraud – and why our goods are fully traceable. We use Oracle Blockchain technology to track each shipment and reduce the risk of manipulation of the information at the source, and have also partnered with Universita del Salento, Bureau Veritas, and Eurofins.

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Certified Origins Oracle blockchain