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Private Label


as the major player third-party certified as ISO 22005, with unrivaled customer service.


sustainable production, with a focus on protecting the land and its unique qualities.


using Oracle blockchain technology and third party certifications to track every step from field to fork.

Certified Origins

The world’s most reliable food source that brings the taste of real food to supermarkets all over the world with a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

Certified Origins olive oil bottle

Our range of premium olive oils is unparalleled.

Based on the profile you are looking for, we can offer single origin or balanced blends and organic with varying qualities and characteristics verified by our traceability systems, blending masters, and R&D teams to provide you exactly what you need.

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We have developed strong relationships throughout the mediterranean with cooperatives of the best suppliers, and have cutting-edge facilities, to provide the bulk and wholesale quantities you need.


R&D Investment

in transparency & traceability since 2019



of farmers across the Mediterranean Area



from small to medium and large in the Mediterranean Area


Olive Mills

(selected sources) across the Mediterranean Area
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