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NEW YORK, JANUARY 31, 2023 — Certified Origins (CO), a European based company specializing in traceable extra virgin olive oil and authentic food private label programs, organized in January a cross-departmental workshop with the Future Food Institute (FFI) in Bologna, the food capital of Italy.


“It was a fantastic opportunity to have our diverse teams come together to really think about how sustainability can be embedded into every aspect of our business and our lives” exclaims Giovanni Quaratesi, CO Head of Corporate Global Affairs.


This in-person experience focused on the direct impact of climate change on public health and the benefits of sustainable practices applied to food. It provided tools and leads for designing a better food system, as well as specific information on regenerative agriculture and transparent corporate communication.


Armin ZadakBar and Andrew Lucchesi, from The Armin Bar (CO Communication Agency), also joined the event. “I believe that prosperity thinking and conscious consumption will be the most important traits of any business and human being in the coming years.” states Armin, CEO of The Armin Bar (NYC|Milan).


FFI is a non-profit organization at the center of an ecosystem of individuals and companies aiming to make exponential positive change in global food systems, to sustainably improve life on earth, through education and innovation.


President Sara Roversi states, “FFI keeps working as one of the most impactful platforms on sustainable food and integral ecology so we are very proud of the current alliance with CO, that we hosted in our Living Lab in Bologna. Having the chance to design learning experiences for food industries’ executives represents a priceless opportunity to make a difference and concretely act on climate, which is doubtless the most important priority for humanity as well as the most reasonable business investment”.


Certified Origins mission is to contribute to people’s enjoyment and health through good food: the kind made by using wholesome, sustainable, and genuine ingredients. Education, partnerships with thought leaders and investing in innovation are key elements of the company strategy to stay up-to-date with a fast changing business environment, react to the effects of climate change and keep offering support and value to its customers.


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