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New York, NY — Certified Origins, a leading producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), and the Future Food Institute, a global nonprofit foundation, are renewing their shared commitment to drive positive change in the food systems.


Among the many initiatives generated by the FFI  ecosystem, spanning from education to direct and pragmatic interventions, CO contributed to the  “FOOD & CLIMATE SHAPERS booth camp – MEDITERRANEAN EDITION,” organized by FFI in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program and Food for Mind, and awarded in 2021 as one of the most Innovative New Program during the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo.


This past June 2023, a diverse group of International professionals, academics, and students spent a week sharing experiences and knowledge,  graduating as Climate Shapers by developing and presenting an innovative and sustainable project and answering specific challenges.


In the beautiful location of Pollica, Italy, where Ancel and Margaret Key 1950 studied the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, five young climate shapers from 15 to 25 responded to the CO challenge,  “How can olive oil better express its Mediterranean healing power as a medicine?” and developed OLI, Olive oil; Life and Inner Dimension.


OLI is a project designed to become part of Peter DAN,  a social ïnitiative focusing on sustainable solutions to improve eating habits, and Food for Mind, the largest network of clinics in Italy, focusing on eating disorders, by creating positive experiences around Extra Virgin Olive Oil, through education for patients looking at this fat, as an unfamiliar ingredient.


“Peter DAN, as this first prototype supported by CO proves, is a bright example of how a transdisciplinary and multistakeholder approach is needed for eating disorders. The clinical contribution is just not enough, but it is still needed to embrace the complexity of this multidimensional illness,” says Leonardo Mendolicchio, Food for Mind founder.


For Sara Roversi, Future Food Institute founder and president, “Peter DAN is a program that draws inspiration from embracing one’s inner child, echoing the story of Peter Pan, who never wished to grow up. The program guides children with severe disorders on a journey of self-discovery and cultivating a healthier relationship with food.


Certified Origins, as part of its partnership with FFI, will embrace the project presented by the climate shapers OLI and Peter DAN by opening the doors of their olive oil mills during the hare and donating high-quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Food For Mind for their clinics and patients.


Claudia Laricchia, behind Peter DAN’s creation, adds, “Eating Disorders, as the result of a wider mental health phenomenon, are affecting especially younger generations. With this first experiment, Certified Origins is both contributing to giving hope to young patients and proving its support to the under 23 who designed the experience in the framework of our Boot Camp, giving “faith, trust and a little pixie dust” to the UN One Health goals through the involvement of the future generations.”


For Giovanni Quaratesi, Certified Origins representative, “Through this partnership, CO wants to demonstrate with practical actions their commitment to drive positive changes and social impact in the food system, using a genuinely holistic approach, emphasizing the interconnectedness of health, nutrition, and the planet.”




About Certified Origins

Certified Origins is a leading producer of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, committed to delivering the highest quality olive oil products while promoting sustainability and social responsibility. With a dedication to exceptional taste, health, and well-being, Certified Origins strives to create positive change in the food industry.


About Food for Mind

Food for Mind is an Italian-based clinical hub founded by Prof. Leonardo Mendolicchio, composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, and experts specialized in eating disorders.


About Future Food Institute

Future Food Institute is a global nonprofit foundation focused on building a more equitable world by engaging innovators, fostering entrepreneurial potential, and enhancing agri-food traditions. Future Food Institute aims to drive transformative change in the global food system through collaboration, education, and partnership with UN agencies, governments, NGOs, and the food industry.


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