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NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 28, 2023 — Certified Origins, a global company specializing in Extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) and traceable foods, joined Universita del Salento and the Consorzio dell’Olio Toscano in a critical study to determine the authenticity of Tuscan PGI EVOO, using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technologies.


Italy and Tuscany share a positive reputation for food products, and for this reason, they are often imitated and at the center of misleading marketing practices. “Geographical Indications like PDOs and PGIs, are important instruments we can use to protect our business partners from food fraud and, at the same time, support entire communities of farmers and producers,” explains Anita Nari, Certified Origins Sales Manager in North America.


Certified Origins specializes in Private Label food programs where efficiency, safety, and quality are vital. “We take traceability very seriously here in Certified Origins. This project confirms our commitment to supporting authentic foods using science, third-party control bodies, and Oracle blockchain,” states Andrea Biagianti, IT Manager in the Italian headquarters.


NMR is a promising technology, more accurate than DNA, in guaranteeing the origin of an EVOO to  retailers worldwide. The research results were presented at the first-ever scientific symposium fully dedicated to PDO and PGI-certified foods, organized by Fondazione Qualivita in Rome, Italy.


What benefits does this research bring to Certified Origins’ customers? “High-quality EVOOs suitable for PDO and PGI certification may also undergo additional checking according to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, based on reference databases. In the case of Tuscany PGI, a database with the relevant cultivars from 24 selected geographical areas distributed all over the region of Tuscany has been developed by Certified Origins in collaboration with the University of Salento (Italy) as a further guarantee of authenticity,” informs professor Francesco Paolo Fanizzi, responsible for the project and corresponding author of the published scientific work.


Certified Origins teams want people to know where their food comes from and believe that healthy food should be affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. They achieve this goal through supporting scientific research and thanks to solid relationships with Olive Oil cooperatives and high-quality food producers, a vast distribution network, and continuous investments to improve efficiency and transparency along the supply chain.



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