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NEW YORK, JULY 15, 2022 — Certified Origins, a European and USA-based company specializing in fresh and authentic extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) and traceable foods, completed a series of investments and technological improvements to their production facilities in Italy.


What benefits will this investment bring to Certified Origins’ customers? “Increased production capacity will allow for greater readiness and responsiveness to our customer’s demands,” states Certified Origins IT manager Andrea Biagianti. “Production efficiency and continuous monitoring of production parameters through data collection and use allow us also to ensure supply consistency with faster planning of production and related shipments.”


This “Industry 4.0” project grows within the Internet of Things (IoT) technology framework. More intelligent and interconnected modules within the production line simplify the operator’s workflows. Automation and data capture/sharing between production processes and teams improve efficiency.


Certified Origins leads the way in creating Private Label food programs where efficiency, safety, and quality are vital elements. Andrea explains how these technologies can add value to all of Certified Origin’s retail partners “Each machine stores production data and makes it available within our databases, which connects with other internal information services. The available data can be analyzed and provided to the traceability services already present as each production associates a precise timestamp of the start and end day and time of production batch!”


This project follows Certified Group’s recent investments in ISO22005 certification and Oracle Blockchain technology for supply chain traceability. In June of 2022, the Oracle blockchain traceability technology implemented by Certified Origins was presented at the Blueprint 4D conference for the global Oracle customer community in Las vegas. There, Vice President of Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One Development Paul Houtkooper and Vice President of Oracle ERP Application Development Gary Grieshaber presented the technical details on the innovations implemented as one of the best success stories of its kind in the sector.


Certified Origins teams want people to know where their food comes from and believe that healthy food should be affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. They achieve this goal thanks to solid relationships with Olive Oil cooperatives and high-quality food producers, a vast distribution network, and continuous investments to improve efficiency and transparency along the supply chain.


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