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NEW YORK, NY – The global olive oil market is thriving, with a current valuation exceeding USD 14.5 billion and anticipated growth to surpass $20 billion in less than a decade. In this ever-evolving industry, knowledge is essential.


Reliable information is often scarce, leaving room for misinformation, sensationalism, and click-baiting practices.


In response to this challenge, Certified Origins, a private-label olive oil company headquartered in Grosseto, Italy, with operations in the US, Spain, China, and Mexico, has acknowledged and embraced the crucial role of science and data in supporting a transparent and honest food supply chain.


In April 2022, during the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Show in Chicago, Giovanni Quaratesi from Certified Origins met with the founder of Global Retail Brands magazine, Phillip Russo, and shared ideas on how to better serve and inform the Private Label players dealing with this complex and fascinating category.


This encounter sparked the idea for a special vertical issue with a core mission: to provide retailers and professionals in the food industry with the knowledge, resources, and tools to make informed decisions about their olive oil programs, and grow their businesses.


The “Everything You Need to Know About EVOO” edition invited independent experts from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds to freely share their insights and opinions, creating a platform for a transparent discourse and educational opportunity offering insights into many facets of the olive oil industry.


The publication will be released digitally and physically distributed during the next PLMA Show in November 2024 in Chicago.


“I want to thank Phillip Russo and all the professionals, friends, and colleagues who worked with us on this long and complex project and contributed to this important chapter of the Certified Origins journey, supporting education and a transparent supply chain in the Olive Oil category. I believe this initiative will spark positive, constructive conversations and invite other organizations to participate and share our mission”, says Giovanni Quaratesi, Head of Corporate Global Affairs in Certified Origins.


“Rarely do we have the opportunity to explore a subject so deeply and with a team so passionate about their work. Giovanni and his team exude enthusiasm for the Olive Oil category and are eager to share their knowledge with retailers. When Giovanni and I explored this opportunity, it is fair to share that we both underestimated what we were about to undertake. But we enjoyed every step of the journey and look forward to increasing awareness of the category throughout the industry.”


The publication will be released digitally and physically distributed during the next PLMA in November 2024 in Chicago by Global Retail Brands and Certified Origins teams, attending the show.


You can also read the digital magazine here


About Certified Origins

Certified Origins is a leading producer of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, committed to delivering the highest quality olive oil products while promoting sustainability and social responsibility. With a dedication to exceptional taste, health, and well-being, Certified Origins strives to create positive change in the food industry.


About Global Retail Brands Magazine

Global Retail Brands was founded in 2012 and published its first issue in January 2013 for Marca Bologna. Phillip Russo launched the magazine after spending the previous 10 years running Private Label magazine, the industry’s first to recognize and promote the private label industry. GRB is published 4X per year, is edited for retailers and distributed at Major Trade Fairs such as Marca Bologna, Biofach, PLMA Amsterdam and Chicago, ANUGA, SIAL and many more. In addition to Trade Fair Distribution, each issue is digitally delivered to more than 7,000 involved in private label retail.

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