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January 30, 2024 – New York, NY — Certified Origins, a leading private-label olive oil and traceable food company, just released a new clip that offers a fresh perspective on the production of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): an immersive journey showing all the steps behind a single bottle.


The decision to invest in this project is part of a broader communication strategy, aiming to present a contemporary image of the EVOO industry, using media and formats accessible and shareable on social platforms, such as digital publications, podcasts, and quality content.


The short and colorful clip, which combines information and entertainment, was designed and created with the help of The Armin Bar communication agency based in Milan, Italy.


“The challenge was to present the process of olive oil production within a concise 90-second timeframe”, mentions Guglielmo Ruben, Art Director at The Armin Bar. “The entire process was simplified for a smooth storytelling experience. We opted for a 3D flat design style with minimal shading, facilitating a clear visual narrative, and instead of adding a voice-over, we aimed at actively engaging the viewer through the animations”.


By going beyond traditional marketing approaches, the company aims to engage with the new generations of food retail buyers and executives and, at the same time, share the story about the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into their high-quality and traceable extra virgin olive oil private label programs.


“This video allows us to showcase the passion and expertise that goes into every bottle. We believe it will give our current and future business partners a deeper appreciation and understanding of the many steps behind our product and hopefully spark curiosity and new conversations”, says Giovanni Quaratesi, Head of Global Corporate Affairs for Certified Origins.


Certified Origins is a private-label olive oil company committed to quality and traceability. By overseeing and certifying every aspect of the production process, from cultivation to bottling, they ensure that their olive oil meets the highest standards of excellence, offering clear information, transparency and a piece of mind to retail partners around the world.


To experience the journey of olive oil production with Certified Origins, watch the video here. Discover the passion, craftsmanship, and expertise that make Certified Origins’ olive oil exceptional.

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