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Image source: hokolvuh.com, 2024


Certified Origins Mexico‘s division is proud to announce the renewal of its support to the Hokol Vuh initiative in Yucatan. Hokol Vuh is a culinary experience showcasing the rich Mayan gastronomic traditions. It is part of a larger project and vision to support sustainable development in the Yucatan Peninsula through the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation.


Since its inception, Hokol Vuh has been dedicated to promoting the development and sustainable well-being of communities in the region. Through various initiatives, the project has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. Over 11,000 individuals have benefited, with 6,045 direct beneficiaries, including 2,032 innovative producers who have implemented changes in the Yucatecan milpa system (a traditional Mesoamerican farming system that doesn’t involve artificial inputs, thanks to a sustainable cycle of land use).


In times of crisis, such as extreme weather events, Hokol Vuh has stepped up to support the communities by purchasing corn and stimulating their economy. The project has also encouraged young people to participate actively in the milpa process, emphasizing women’s inclusion and active involvement in preserving their practices and species, helping more than 130 food producers to enter the market, and utilizing surplus production to generate additional income.


This coming March, Hokol Vuh will bring together 18 world-renowned chefs from around the globe. This group of talented food ambassadors will journey through Yucatán, immersing themselves in Mayan cosmology, culture, and flavors for several days.


To celebrate the end of their stay, the chefs will create an extraordinary dining experience by blending their skills with newly acquired Yucatan ingredients and native knowledge, cooking together for hundreds of guesses from an open kitchen setup, allowing diners to witness the culinary collaborative magic firsthand.


Norma Brito, Director of Certified Origins Mexico, states, “As Certified Origins group representative, we want to share our belief in the tradition and social value of good food, respect for local culture, and conservation of nature.


As a Mexican, I am proud to give visibility to our gastronomic heritage and culture; by supporting local corn production and projects like Hokol Vuh, we support not just native communities but help them share sustainable production practices, respect the land, improve their lives and keep the Mayan traditions alive. I am sure the participating chefs will carry the experience in their hearts and will share some of it in their restaurants worldwide.”


In the words of Chef Roberto Solís, “Hokol Vuh is not just a dinner. It is a regenerative gastronomy project where the best chefs in the world immerse themselves in the heart of the Yucatecan Mayan culture to learn about its most authentic gastronomy. They use its purest ingredients and the ancestral methods to create a masterpiece in community with the land, with the people, with their colleagues and the diners, allowing everyone to take a little piece of the gastronomic wealth of our land.”


Hokol Vuh is made in collaboration with the Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya (FHMM) and Grupo The Haciendas with the aim of sharing their passion for Yucatán and the contributions to the gastronomy of the Mayan communities. The main event of this gastronomic journey will take place on March 9, 2024 at Hacienda Aké, in Yucatán, with the presence of chefs from around the world who have more than 15 Michelin stars.


“It is essential to highlight the transformation that chefs experience during this process. We watch how they connect deeply to the land and culture and how this not only enriches their culinary creations but also their lives. Their interest and experiences inspire all of us who participated in this week. They show us the magic of cooking as a means to connect with the essence of life, creating an experience that goes beyond food. In each dish, we see the passion, respect, and dedication of these chefs, and they motivate us all to appreciate and preserve the authenticity of our culinary traditions. Hokol Vuh not only feeds the body but also the soul, becoming a legacy of inspiration that lasts in each of us,” concluded Chef Roberto Solís.


Certified Origins is a global, cooperatively owned food company specializing in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and traceable foods. By supporting Hokol Vuh and its global mission to preserve and promote Mayan cultural and gastronomic traditions, you contribute to the growth and well-being of the communities in the Yucatan Peninsula.


With the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation, Certified Origins is committed to participating in a regenerative and more sustainable food system, where gastronomy and inspired ambassadors of good food become an engine of positive change.

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