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NEW YORK, MARCH 30, 2023

Certified Origins – the global leader in high-quality private label olive oil – has been providing top-notch logistics and distribution services to its clients for many years.


Part of the company’s success comes from the ability to coordinate multiple facilities in Europe and warehouses in China, the USA, Mexico, and Canada. This is possible thanks to talented logistic regional teams focusing on getting the products in time to destinations worldwide.


“Our portfolio of high-quality products for our clients keeps growing, and so our sourcing and shipping routes. We take pride in Certified Origin’s capability and dedication in anticipating client’s needs while remaining flexible enough to fulfill last-minute requests.” said Arianna Semplici, the logistic specialist based in Tuscany, Italy.


This approach has allowed the company to limit its client’s exposure to the ongoing global uncertainty and maintain high customer satisfaction.


For Oscar Garriga, from the Spanish team, “Logistics will play a significant role in keeping the supply chain fully operative, helping to reduce costs and bottlenecks. The trend in logistics and distribution is to return to a “just-in-time” scheme.”


The new Certified Origins bottling facility will open in Virginia in 2024. “This will bring a set of opportunities to improve delivery options and new supply chain avenues to explore”- said Adrienne Galeas, the Logistic Team Leader in the USA.


The company understands the significance of sustainability within this industry. And it’s committed to finding ways to align with it – choosing the least impactful delivery method whenever possible and offering carbon compensation programs to its clients.


As a leading private-label olive oil company, Certified Origins continues to provide exceptional services to its clients. And with the future trends in mind, the company will remain at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.


Contact Certified Origins’ team to determine which sustainable product and logistics method best fits your portfolio and clients expectations.


CONTACT: info@certifiedorigins.com

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