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NEW YORK, JUNE 28, 2022 — Certified Origins, a European-based company specializing in fresh and authentic extra virgin olive oils (Evoos) and traceable foods, has just launched multiple lines of carbon-neutral Italian Evoos under its flagship brand Bellucci. The company’s mission is to bring good and healthy foods to the world and sources this premium Italian Evoo from Tuscany, Apulia and Sicily, exclusively for international markets.


The Bellucci carbon-neutral Evoo lines compensate for its emissions by participating in offsetting programs, thanks to the collaboration with Climate Partner – a leading company in the sustainability sector, active in Europe since 2006.

But what does it take to become Carbon-Neutral? It means measuring the emissions generated each year by one or more product lines, laying down a strategic plan to reduce them over time, and immediately starting to offset the remaining emissions by financing certified offsetting projects.


“We approached Climate Partner with a clear goal: to transform an already authentic, traceable Evoo into a fully sustainable product,” – explains Giovanni Quaratesi, Sales & Business Development Certified Origins division Director in the United States –. “We finally calculated all the emissions generated by the Bellucci Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil supply chain and chose a reforestation project in a deserted area of China to balance the global greenhouse gas emissions of one of our most popular brands.”

Despite what most people think, Agriculture and Food Production are also great contributors to global emissions. Certified Origins wants to take the lead in the industry by launching a genuinely sustainable Evoo, with an open invitation to other companies and retailers to follow their example. The company is not new to groundbreaking innovation and initiatives in the food world; Bellucci Evoo is, in fact, also one of the first fully traceable extra virgin olive oil using Oracle blockchain.


“The end consumer is linking the concept of authenticity with the one of sustainability more every day.” Exclaims Giorgio Bertolini, Head of Climate Partner Italia, “That’s why a traditional, quality, extra virgin olive oil like Bellucci can be the perfect ambassador to contribute every day, transparently and directly, to climate action. Becoming and using a carbon-neutral oil means to have real commitment to our planet, measuring, reducing, and offsetting all CO2 emissions. Together we can make a big difference; even small daily gestures like dressing our salad with a delicious, sustainable Olive Oil will help fight climate change!”


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