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NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023 – EINPresswire.com

Certified Origins
, the cooperative-owned leader in high-quality private-label olive oils programs, has officially expanded its product line by introducing a selection of pasta sauces tailored for the North American and Asian markets.


By combining its global retail expertise with solid partnerships with trusted Italian producers, and its well-established global distribution network, Certified Origins set a strong foundation to replicate its successes in the olive oil industry. The company only sources its tomatoes from selected organic Italian family farms and works closely with retailers to promote Italian regional flavors and quality, on a global scale.


“We are very proud of our new tomato sauce offerings“, says Veronica Balbo from Certified Origins Italia. “Our sourcing team spent years selecting the fields producing the best tomatoes and developing the right recipes with our private label partners.”


Every product in Certified Origins’ portfolio carries a guarantee of traceability, and quality control procedures across its entire supply chain, from the field to the jar.


The company strongly supports Geographical Indications food products by using P.D.O. and P.G.I. certified ingredients in their sauces, helping preserve the rights and livelihoods of smaller growers and farmers in Europe and other parts of the world from imitations and fraudulent practices.


According to Anita Nari, Sales Manager at Certified Origins (NY Office): “Tomatoes from different regions of Italy, like Sicily, Tuscany, and Emilia Romagna, carry unique characteristics, flavor, and aroma, typical of that territory. Our goal from the beginning was to use the few bold ingredients, the best extra virgin olive oils from our cooperatives, and create amazing regional minimally processed recipes for people to enjoy around the world.”


To celebrate this new, exciting chapter, Certified released a short educational video, “An Italian Sauce Story,” to explain what makes these Italian tomato sauces healthy, fresh, and full of nutrients alternative to hyper-processed condiments, containing sugar and additives.


For inquiries on Certified Origins products and offerings, contact salesteam@certifiedorigins.com

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