Bellucci: A Climate Friendly EVOO Brand

Certified Origins launches one of the first "Olio di Roma" PGI EVOO for the North American market under the flagship brand, Bellucci.



Certified Origins, a European-based company specializing in fresh and authentic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), has launched one of the first “Olio di Roma” PGI EVOO for the North American market under the flagship brand, Bellucci.


The new Olio di Roma PGI EVOO is made with olives sourced from the Lazio region in Italy, taking the name from its capital, Rome. Its color ranges from green to golden yellow. The scent is fresh and herbaceous, with almond, tomato, and artichoke notes. PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication certification, a legal guarantee of origin.


Bellucci is distributed in the USA by Catalan Gourmet, a NY-based company specializing in gourmet foods, and offers a portfolio of organic and fully traceable EVOOs from Italy. Thanks to the integration of Oracle’s blockchain technology for traceability, customers can access information about each oil’s geographical origin, harvest, and production journey.


Through a collaboration with ClimatePartner, Bellucci committed to compensating carbon emissions for some of its best-selling olive oils, the Toscano PGI EVOO and the Italian Organic EVOO, while working to reduce its footprint along the supply chain, from cultivation to packaging.


For Alejandra Vasto, a manager from the Catalan Gourmet team, Bellucci adds a whole new level of value to any olive oil set: “We listened to what buyers and consumers needed to see in a label, and we delivered. The Carbon Neutral certification felt like the most natural next step for Bellucci, adding one more layer of confidence that, on top of traceability, makes Bellucci a truly outstanding product for the retail business.”


The climate-friendly Bellucci lines will soon be available at various locations nationwide, including Kroger, Harris Teeter, Decicco’s, Central Market, and several other leading retailers in the USA.


Giorgio Bertolini, Head of ClimatePartner Italy, confirmed that “quality and environmental sustainability are perceived increasingly as a unique value by people around the world, but making “good for you and good for the planet” products is not easy; Bellucci is a game changer showing it’s possible!



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